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An automated test environment inspired by TTCN-3 and Python

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Welcome to Testerman.

Testerman is an attempt to produce a TTCN-3 inspired test automation system without the strict typing model of the TTCN-3 test control notation that can be too heavy to be practical with non-stricly defined protocols. This is achieved by bringing TTCN-3 primitives and concepts to the Python programming language.

It provides a complete environment to design, manage, execute and analyze automated tests, and can be used as a platform to develop test simulators (drivers and stubs) and prototypes of network applications.

Unlike existing tools specialized in a single or a single kind of protocol support (such as "web services", "GUI testing", "GSM", etc), Testerman focuses on providing all the necessary base to perform end-to-end, system testing of network-based applications mixing multiple protocols. In particular, it was designed with telecom platforms in mind, such as VoIP/IMS based ones.

Testerman also turns out to be a way to develop equipment simulators that could be used to automate interop testing. For instance, we may imagine some endpoint manufacturers developing simulators in Testerman, and making them available to test them with another vendor's call control platform.

Testerman is Open Source/Free Software, and is freely available under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

Get Testerman

You can download the latest GIT version as a tarball or as a zipfile, or clone the testerman repository:

git clone


Testerman documentation is included in the docs folder in the source tree. You can generate it using sphinx.

Alternatively, you can browse the latest documentation version online or download it as pdf file.


The Testerman Users mailing list is available at In addition, you may contact me at