Best Practices

Naming Conventions

ATS Naming Conventions

Testerman adapts the TTCN-3 naming conventions to its context:

Language element Naming convention Prefix Example Comments
message template mixedCase m_ m_sipInvite These templates are both usable as sending and receiving templates. This naming convention applies to both templates functions and templates constants.
message template with wildcard or matching expression mixedCase mw_ mw_sipInviteResponse These templates are (typically) only valid as receiving templates, as wilcards and maching mechanisms may prevent from valuating them when sending them. This naming convention applies to both templates functions and templates constants.
port mixedCase (none) ssh, rtp01, sipSignalling  
port name mixedCase (none) system['iscInterface'], mtc['sipSignalling']  
test component mixedCase (none) endpoint01, hlrSimulator  
function mixedCase f_ f_executeCommand  
timer mixedCase t_ t_watchogTimer  
ATS parameter upper case, _ as word separator PX_ PX_HOST_IP_PORT The QTesterman client enforces this name convention when defining new ATS parameters.
test case (class name) upper case, _ as word separator TC_ TC_ORACLE_CONNECTION_001 The class name is also used as a test case identifier in log reporters
behaviour (class name) CamelCase (none) SipEndpoint, HlrSimulator  
constant mixedCase c_ c_suaAspActive = 0x04  
parameters (test case, behaviour, functions, ...) mixedCase (none) controlPort, autoConnectSctp  
preamble (class name) upper case, _ as word separator PRE_ PRE_VOICEMAIL_INITIALIZATION  
postamble (class name) upper case, _ as word separator POST_ POST_VOICEMAIL_CLEANUP  

This naming convention is suggested to make a difference between what belongs to the userland (user-written) and what is part of the Testerman API availablt to the user, which uses a lower_case convention.

Paths and Filenames

Some rules on filenames:

  • Use ascii characters and lower case only for ATS and Campaign filenames, and _ as a word separator: my_sample.ats, unconditional_call_forward.ats, class5_services.campaign, ...
  • Use ascii characters and CamelCase (with initial and acronyms considered as a word) for module filenames:,, ...
  • Use lower case only for directory names, and _ as a word separator. In particular, do NOT use a dot (.) in a directory name. This would prevent modules from being imported correctly.

Additionally, the following repository structure is advised:

  • / : no files in the repository root
  • /samples/: contains samples (either Testerman’s provided, or provided by your teams - in this case creating subdirectories in it could be a good idea)
  • /sandbox/: a place where users can play and save their test documents, without working in a test project context yet (feasibility tests, demo, troubleshooting, ...)
  • /modules/: user created or site-related shared modules, available to all (SIP endpoint behaviours, convenience functions according to your organization’s use of Testerman, ...)
  • /...: any other directory, according to your organization, projects, teams, etc. Mapping this subtree to a subtree in an external test system could be a good idea, too.


This section suggests several best practices to maximize the reusability of the objects you design.









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