Codecs and Probes Overview

Testerman comes with a collection of codecs and probes to interact with your SUTs.

A probe (a.k.a. a Test Adapter or SUT Adapter in TTCN-3 terminology) is the entity that is responsible for actually implementing the interaction with the SUT.

It could be reading and writing packets on the wire, reading/writing a file somewhere, etc, and is usually configurable to provision actual SUT IP addresses or port or other SUT-dependent and test logic-independent parameters.

The probe is what is behind a test system interface port, and both are associated through what Testerman calls a binding. The binding is also the moment when you can set those SUT-dependent parameters for the probe: they are called probe properties.

A codec is something different.

It does not perform any SUT adaptation, but only provides a way to encode/decode high level, structured userland messages to/from a lower level payload. Codecs can be stacked so that it is trivial to build things such as transporting a MAP message encoded in base64 in a XML element sent over UDP to a remote target; in this dummy example, we would stack MAP, base64, and XML codecs to build a full payload that would be sent through a UDP probe, actually injecting raw data over the network to a SUT address that could be defined as a probe property (when not test-dependent).


IT Oriented Codecs

Codec ID Description
xml a simple XML coder/decoder - you may also have a look to CodecXerLite
xer.lite CodecXerLite, a XER (XML Encoding Rules)-like codec that only uses a subset of XML capabilities (no attributes)
http CodecHttp, HTTP request/response codecs
soap11.ds CodecSoapDs, a codec that enables to sign (and verify signatures of) SOAP 1.1 message, using Ws-Security standards.

Multimedia and VoIP Oriented Codecs

Codec ID Description
rtsp.* RTSP Codecs
sdp CodecSdp, a RFC4566 SDP (Session Description Protocol) codec

Telecom Oriented Codecs

Codec ID Description
sua CodecSua, a RFC3868 SUA (SCCP User Adaptation) codec
tcap CodecTcap, a TCAP (ITU) codec
map.* CodecMap, a collection of codecs for MAP Phase 2+ PDUs
sms.tpdu.* CodecSmsTpdu, a collection of codecs for SMS TPDU SM-TL layer (GSM 030.40)
tbcd A telephony BCD codec
packed.7bit A codec for 7-bit packed strings (useful for SMS encoding)

Test Adapters (Probes)

Protocol Oriented Probes

These probes are useful to test a SUT at protocol level.

  • General purpose probes: transport over IP probes: TCP Probe, UDP Probe, SCTP Probe (could be used as a base for implementing SIP testing, SUA, HTTP, ... most protocols)
  • HTTP Probe, a simple, dummy HTTP client probe without any automated behaviours (no redirect following, etc)
  • RTSP Probe, a simple RTSP client probe
  • RTP Probe, a RTP stream sender/listener

Tools Probes

These probes are mainly useful to interfact with a SUT at high-level. They are mainly convenience tools to develop the glue between several domain testing, and are meant to integrate usual actions associated with testing: connecting to remote machines, checking files, running commands, changing configuration files, checking an SQL database, etc.

  • SSH Probe, a probe to execute non-interactive commands remotely through SSH, ProbeExec to execute them locally, ProbeExecInteractive to execute them locally, but interactively
  • SQL connector probes: MySQL Probe, Oracle Probe
  • Directory Watcher Probe, a probe that monitors a directory and notifies you when an entry has been added/removed (useful to check if a lock file was created/removed, ...)
  • File Watcher Probe, a probe that monitors an ascii file and notifies you of new lines (think of it as a combination of tail -f and grep, useful to check log files for instance)
  • Configuration File Probe, a probe that can access in read-write to configuration files, supporting most used configuration formats and extensible to match your needs (useful to prepare a SUT for testing in particular configuration conditions)
  • autogen/ProbeXmlRpc, a probe to invoke remote operations via XML-RPC
  • LDAP Probe, a probe to access a LDAP directory
  • Selenium Probe, a probe to execute web-oriented tests through Selenium RC
  • File Manager Probe, a probe to create, move, delete files dynamically (convenient to create temporary files, to inject resources into the SUT that are kept embedded in the ATS that you don’t have to manage additional dependencies at runtime)

Codecs and Probes References

This section provides the reference documentation for each codec and probe.

Developing New Codecs and Probes


Notice that the internal APIs are stable and can be safely used to develop new codecs/probes plugins.