SCTP Probe

Send/receive SCTP payloads.

Identification and Properties

Probe Type ID: sctp


Name Type Default value Description
local_ip string (empty - system assigned) Local IP address to use when sending packets
local_port integer 0 (system assigned) Local port to use when sending packets
listening_ip string Listening IP address, if listening mode is activated (see below)
listening_port integer 0 Set it to a non-zero port to start listening on mapping
style string in 'tcp', 'udp' 'tcp' SCTP style: UDP or TCP (stream)
enable_notifications boolean False If set, you may get connection/disconnection notification and connectionConfirm/Error notification messages
default_sut_address string (ip:port) None If set, used as a default SUT address if none provided by the user


This probe was used to implement SUA-based testing with a TCPA/MAP stack to simulate HLRs.


All platforms.



See Also

Other transport-oriented probes:

TTCN-3 Types Equivalence

The test system interface port bound to such a probe complies with the TransportProbePortType port type as specified below:

type union NotificationType
  record {} connectionNotification, // new incoming connection established
  charstring disconnectionNotification, // contains a human readable reason to the disconnection
  record {} connectionConfirm, // connection request OK
  charstring connectionError, // contains a human readable error after a connection request

type union RequestType
  any connectionRequest, // request a new tcp-connection
  any disconnectionRequest, // request a disconnection. Except a disconnectionNotification later

type TransportProbePortType
  in RequestType;
  out NotificationType;
  in, out octetstring;