MySQL Probe

MySQL Database client.

Identification and Properties

Probe Type ID: sql.mysql


Name Type Default value Description
host string 'localhost' The MySQL server IP address or hostname
port integer 3306 The MySQL service listening port on host
db string (empty) The database to use
user string (empty) The user to use to connect to the database db above
password string (empty) The password to use, if required to connect to the database db above for user user


This probes allows to connect to a MySQL database and perform any valid SQL command that are valid for this DBS. Just send the SQL request as a string through a port bound to the probe.

As a result, you should expect a SqlResult choice structure, whose 'error' arm is a simple charstring indicating an error (connection- or SQL- related), and result indicates a successful query.

In case of a non-SELECT query, result is an empty list. In case of a SELECT query, it contains a list of dictionaries corresponding to the selected entries, whose keys are the names of the returned columns. The associated values are natural Python equivalent to SQL types. However, the following types have not been tested yet:

  • NULL
  • blobs
  • date/time

(If you encounter any problem with these SQL types or other ones, please contact us or create a ticket).

These structures and mechanisms are common to all sql.* probe types.

The supported MySQL versions depend on the underlying MySQL DB libs you are using, and are independent from the probe.


All platforms.


This probe requires the MySQLdb Python module.

The Windows package also requires a MySQL ODBC connector, as available here.

See Also

TTCN-3 Types Equivalence

The test system interface port bound to such a probe complies with the SqlPortType port type as specified below:

type charstring SqlRequest;

type union Result
  charstring error,
  record of SqlResult result

type record SqlResult
  any <field name>* // according to your request

type port SqlPortType message
  in SqlRequest,
  out SqlResult