Selenium Probe (WebDriver)

A Web driver using Selenium WebDriver.

Identification and Properties

Probe Type ID: selenium.webdriver


Name Type Default value Description
rc_host string localhost Selenium server hostname or IP address
rc_port integer 4444 Selenium server port
browser string firefox The browser Selenium should use on the Selenium host
server_url string None The server URL to browse when opening the browser. Providing it is mandatory.
auto_shutdown boolean True When set, Selenium closes the browser window when the test case is over. It may be convenient to set it to False to leave this window open to debug a test case on error.


This probe enables Testerman to perform Selenium-based tests through the Selenium Webdriver using a standalone Selenium Server.

The probe automatically starts the browser on the host as soon as it is mapped, and everything is cleaned up once the test case is over.

A basic example is available in samples/selenium_webdriver.ats.


All platforms.


The probe needs a configured (and running) Selenium Server that it can reach (depending on the browser, you may need different servers).[[BR]] You may install it on the host you want to run the browsers from.

TTCN-3 Types Equivalence

The test system interface port bound to such a probe complies with the SeleniumWebdriverProbePortType port type as specified below:

type record SeleniumSelenese
 charstring command,
 charstring target optional,
 charstring value optinal

type SeleniumWebdriverProbePortType
  in SeleniumSelenes
  out any; // depends on the invoked command